3/4 Ton Cable Hoist W/Rapid Lowering

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3/4 Ton Cable Hoist W/Rapid Lowering
The Lug-All model 125-R is an industrial-grade 3/4-ton cable come along ratchet winch hoist featuring double or single line lift capabilities and rapid lowering, which allows the hoist to lower 4 times faster than other models. When used as a single line hoist, this model has 25 feet of cable and a 750-pound capacity. As a double line hoist, this model has 12 feet 6 inches of cable and a 1,500-pound capacity. All Lug-All cable hoists are made in the USA using 7x19 aircraft cable and are designed with an aluminum alloy main frame with open construction for easy cleaning and maintenance. Lug-All cable hoists also include a handle that is designed to bend at 125 to 150 percent of the rated capacity, protecting the user and equipment.
Features & Specs
Hoist Number 125-R
Capacity 3/4 Ton
Net Weight 8 1/2 LBS
Double Line Capacity 1500 LBS
Double Line Lift 12 FT 6 IN
Single Line Capacity 750 LBS
Single Line Lift 25 FT
Cable Diameter 5/32"