Cable Ratchet Winch Hoists

LUG-ALL® Cable Hoists have been our most popular product for the last 6 decades as the leading tool for industrial uses. Ideal for hundreds of tasks, including lifting, lowering, pulling, tensioning, stretching and bending: Construction & Renovation, Road & Bridge Construction & Repair, Structural Steel Erection, Welding Alignment, Pump & Motor Installation & Overhaul, Rigging, Steamfitters & HVAC, Conveyor Repairs, Fence Tensioning, Tree Service, and Landscaping.

LUG-ALL Cable Hoists can be used virtually anywhere a completely dependable, durable, industrial strength come-along/hoist is needed.

Capacities range from 1/2 to 3 ton. All are constructed with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame with open construction for daily visual inspection. Each LUG-ALL cable hoist is factory tested to 125% of the rated capacity.

Highest quality, USA-made, cast aluminum alloy frame Positive load holding - one of two pawls is always engaged Lifting is always a downward pull Another exclusive: full use of cable length Easy-to-manage, flexible 133-strand aircraft cable

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